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WebinarConnect is a full-package solution that connects you to registrants anywhere, anytime through your web browser. You pick the date and time, then leave everything else to us. We'll handle all the logistics, promotions, and attendees registrations to ensure every webinar you host is successful.

WebinarConnect is brought to you by the market leader in customer acquisition for professional services.

LeadingResponse's white-label platform enables attendee engagement via quizzes, polls, chats, surveys, branded call-to-actions and more. Plus your webinar content and intellectual property are 100% protected online.

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Strategies to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

This powerful 1-hour workshop presentation includes all of the foundational concepts necessary to make informed decisions regarding when and how to apply for Social Security benefits. From little-known strategies to maximize benefits, the outlook for Social Security in years to come, and how SS income fits into a retirement income plan, this workshop covers it all. Our advisors are averaging over 65% appointments with qualified attending households!

Social Security Presentation

Click here for a preview of the 2020 Social Security Maximization presentation!

Tax-Savvy Retirement Planning

2017's Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and the recently passed SECURE Act of 2019 have both ushered in sweeping changes to the way taxes affect the retirement assets and legacies of today's generation of retirees. This workshop is designed to help prospects understand the dynamic of taxation in retirement, tips for income distribution, how new legislation impacts them their overall strategy, and the steps necessary to minimize taxation & maximize income in retirement.

Tax Savvy Presentation

Click here for a preview of the 2020 Tax-Savvy Retirement Planning presentation!


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